Cabbage Facts

A few different kinds of Cabbage

Bok Choy  

Chinese cabbage with dark green leaves and white stems; leaves are held together loosely

Chinese cabbages include the slightly crinkled Napa (or Napa), the tall Michihli (also called celery cabbage), the flat cabbage, the flowering white cabbage, Pe-tsai, Tai-sai, Lei-choi, and Pakchoi, also known as bok choy.

Green Cabbage


Most common variety; pale green in color; leaves are usually tightly compacted

Napa Cabbage


Chinese cabbage with pale green crinkled leaves; elongated compact shape; white stems

Red Cabbage


Dark purple red in color; similar in taste to the green cabbage;leaves are coarser than green cabbage

Savoy Cabbage 


Green-yellow, crinkled leaves;
less compact than the green cabbage