Cabbages in History

Cabbages have long been at the front of the cutting edge of technology, history, art and literature.

The Montgolfier Brothers prominently displayed "un gran chou" on their first historic flight.

Recently declassified, the long held KGB secret....

Russia's SPUTNIK was really a GIANT CABBAGE!

"One small step for man, one large leafy leap
for cruciferous vegetables!"

After the resurgence of El Niño
--strange GIANT cabbages began to appear in mystical locations worldwide.

Cabbages hold a place of honor in many cultures around the world.

During the delicate negotiations the phrase "life, liberty and the unhindered consumption of cabbage" was slightly altered.

Lincoln's first attempts to appear
more friendly were less than successful.


The revolutionary troops had few supplies. The brave fighters grew weary of their meager foodstuffs.

Scholars still debate the general significance of the presence of GIANT CABBAGES at the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The overgrowth of local flora from the viewing area prevents tourists from catching a glimpse of this sight of cruciferous splendor.

Is that enigmatic smile because she knows cabbage is rich in Vitamin C?