Here a Cabbage, There a Cabbage
EVERYWHERE there's Cabbage, Cabbage.........

According to National Mapping Information there are 89 Cabbage related places listed on USGS maps.
Feature Name St County Equivalent Name Type USGS 7.5' Map
Cabbage Ridge AL Limestone ridge 345550N 0870435W Salem
Cabbage Patch CA Calaveras flat 382453N 1200752W Calaveras Dome
Cabbage Patch CA Lake flat 392750N 1225350W Lake Pillsbury
Cabbage Patch CA Yuba area 390645N 1211821W Camp Far West
Cabbage Patch CO Gunnison flat 381323N 1073310W Courthouse Mountain
Cabbage Corner DE Sussex locale 384050N 0752117W Harbeson
Cabbage Island FL Citrus island 285057N 0821739W Inverness
Cabbage Hammock Swamp FL Duval swamp 302901N 0812936W Mayport
Cabbage Top FL Franklin cape 294052N 0850515W West Pass
Cabbage Island FL Glades island 270727N 0811107W Brighton SW
Cabbage Head FL Hamilton swamp 302156N 0824320W White Springs East
Cabbage Island FL Hernando island 282652N 0824026W Aripeka
Cabbage Creek FL Hillsborough stream 274348N 0822821W Ruskin
Cabbage Hammock FL Hillsborough island 274827N 0821140W Lithia
Cabbagehead Bayou FL Hillsborough gut 275949N 0823709W Gandy Bridge
Cabbage Hammock FL Lake island 285426N 0814746W Emeralda Island
Cabbage Key FL Lee island 263917N 0821332W Bokeelia
Cabbage Drain FL Levy stream 291324N 0824050W Lebanon Station
Cabbage Slough FL Levy stream 291444N 0824623W Waccasassa Bay
Cabbage Slough FL Manatee stream 273503N 0823156W Palmetto
Cabbage Bay FL Monroe bay 253625N 0810517W Big Lostmans Bay
Cabbage Island FL Monroe island 253146N 0810309W Big Lostmans Bay
Cabbage Bend FL Nassau bend 304655N 0814744W Kings Ferry
Cabbage Creek FL Nassau stream 304651N 0814754W Kings Ferry
Cabbage Swamp FL Nassau swamp 304506N 0815127W Kings Ferry
Cabbage Island FL Osceola island 281658N 0813000W Kissimmee
Cabbage Slough FL Osceola stream 280550N 0810205W Holopaw SE
Cabbage Slough FL Pasco gut 282120N 0823526W Fivay Junction
Cabbage Slough Pond FL Pasco lake 282127N 0823520W Fivay Junction
Cabbage Swamp FL Pasco swamp 281134N 0822206W Wesley Chapel
Cabbage, The FL Pasco cape 281153N 0824704W Tarpon Springs
Cabbage Key FL Pinellas island 274031N 0824335W Pass-a-Grille Beach
Cabbage Patch Point FL Pinellas cape 275440N 0823922W Safety Harbor
Cabbage Creek FL Putnam stream 293237N 0815629W Keuka
Cabbage Hammock Point FL Seminole cape 284308N 0811513W Casselberry
Cabbage Creek FL St. Johns stream 301441N 0812533W Palm Valley
Cabbage Swamp FL St. Johns swamp 301124N 0812438W Palm Valley
Cabbage Island FL Sumter island 284007N 0821242W Wahoo
Cabbage Island FL Sumter island 284354N 0821233W Wahoo
Cabbage Creek FL Taylor stream 300113N 0835338W Snipe Island
Cabbage Creek FL Taylor swamp 300845N 0834845W Johnson Hammock
Cabbage Grove FL Taylor populated place 301234N 0835226W Johnson Hammock
Cabbage Grove
Lookout Tower
FL Taylor tower 301243N 0835236W Nutall Rise
Cabbage Slough FL Volusia gut 284217N 0805929W Aurantia
Cabbage Creek GA Chatham stream 315658N 0805736W Wassaw Sound
Cabbage Garden Creek GA Chatham stream 314820N 0810505W Raccoon Key
Cabbage Island GA Chatham island 315721N 0805804W Wassaw Sound
Cabbage Island Spit GA Chatham bar 315545N 0805726W Wassaw Sound
Cabbage Head GA Echols swamp 303834N 0824058W Needmore
Cabbage Town GA Fulton populated place 334453N 0842200W Southeast Atlanta
Cabbage Patch Drain IL Hamilton canal 381038N 0883214W Belle Prairie City
Cabbage Reef LA St. Bernard bar 301047N 0891308W Isle au Pitre
Cabbage Spring Branch MD Carroll stream 392418N 0770432W Winfield
Cabbage Run MD Frederick stream 392930N 0771923W Walkersville
Cabbage Run MD Harford stream 393624N 0762056W Bel Air
Cabbage Island ME Lincoln island 435031N 0693627W Pemaquid Point
Cabbage Yard Pond ME Oxford lake 440759N 0704321W Waterford Flat
Cabbage Creek MI Alcona stream 444524N 0833809W Hubbard Lake SW
Cabbage Ridge MN Houston ridge 433218N 0912721W Eitzen
Cabbage Branch MO Dallas stream 373000N 0930335W Charity
Cabbage Neck School MO Lafayette school 390536N 0935601W Odessa North
Cabbage Gulch MT Deer Lodge valley 460442N 1125522W Anaconda South
Cabbage Branch NC Anson stream 350355N 0800651W Ansonville
Cabbage Creek NC Ashe stream 362620N 0813923W Baldwin Gap
Cabbage Thorofare NJ Atlantic channel 392844N 0741955W Brigantine Inlet
Cabbage Island NY Albany island 423635N 0734555W Delmar
Cabbage Patch Hollow OH Adams valley 383941N 0831735W Buena Vista
Cabbage Run OH Jefferson stream 401436N 0804849W Dillonvale
Cabbage Patch OR Benton locale 443341N 1231842W Corvallis
Cabbage Patch Camp OR Grant locale 442216N 1192558W Aldrich Mountain South
Cabbage Patch Spring OR Grant spring 442214N 1192555W Aldrich Mountain South
Cabbage Hill OR Umatilla summit 453317N 1183636W Cabbage Hill
Cabbage Hill School OR Umatilla school 453409N 1183520W Cabbage Hill
Cabbage Spring OR Union spring 451100N 1182557W Marley Creek
Cabbage Creek OR Wheeler stream 442531N 1195942W Derr Meadows
Cabbage Creek PA Blair stream 401949N 0782434W Roaring Spring
Cabbage Hollow PA Centre valley 404920N 0781232W Sandy Ridge
Cabbage Hollow Run PA Centre stream 404850N 0781004W Sandy Ridge
Cabbage Flat SD Clay flat 425631N 0965945W Hub City
Cabbage Cemetery TN Grainger cemetery 361905N 0834017W Powder Springs
Cabbage Creek TN Johnson stream 362508N 0814927W Mountain City
Cabbage Creek Prospect TN Johnson mine 362411N 0814755W Mountain City
Cabbage Island TN Knox island 360121N 0834944W John Sevier
Cabbage Valley UT Iron valley 373514N 1130405W Cedar Mountain
Cabbage Creek WA Skamania stream 454937N 1213953W Willard
Cabbage Creek WA Whitman stream 471421N 1171616W Rosalia
Cabbage Knob WV Calhoun summit 385837N 0810307W Grantsville
Cabbage Run WV Preston stream 392208N 0793520W Aurora
Cabbage Fork WV Roane stream 384214N 0812725W Walton


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