The Construction Crew
a little bit of everything
and photographer
I have the greatest friends in the whole world!
Bear (Grizzly)
I read absolutely every book on plumbing that I could find in the library. I just LOVE the library. I am a li-bear-ian, you know. And I just found this new book the other day about knitting projects. Oh, it is so fun!
planning and general carpentry
I drew the plans for Moose's cabin. And helped him make things. Sorry about that shelf being kinda wonky. Sure wish Moose didn't always want pictures of everything.
Blackie was such a great help climbing up those poles for me. Usually on jobs I don't have to worry about high places. I just pull my wires and we're good.
backhoe operator
ONE teensy little crash when I was digging the septic tank that is all it was... and well - we did end up saving all those cool stones for the fireplace. We can fix the garden next summer.
Old Porcupine
WHEW ! Finally got that roof finished.
Glad everyone liked the brownies.
painting and papering
I love Little Vole but I spent hours fixing the areas from all those times we had to cut him out of the wallpaper. Now I know that paper was on sale but I still think Moose should have picked the blue one with flowers on it. And Hare kept knocking all my paint cans over. Oh dear, I sound like such a grouch. Well I do love the neat things Wolf built and all those cans of Moose's cabbage soup were yummy. But Old Porcupine's brownies - now those were the yummiest. Okay, I'm done now.
Little Vole
Another job well done thanks to my help of course. Thanks for the brownies Porcupine!
lumber and other building materials
You know, I told Moose back last winter that he should get a professional crew in to help with this here cabin, but it looks okay. That Porcupine lady makes some really great brownies.
River Otter
windows, doors and small hardware
I just moved in to the area so I am just delighted to have worked on this project with all my new friends. Old Porcupine was so nice and gave me that great brownie recipe.
Black Bear
I'm still a bit cross for the mess Fox made when he and Vole were only to help the others carry the stones for the hearth inside. I mean -come on, I did help him string the poles because he's afraid of heights. Oh wait,, I wasn't supposed to tell anyone that was I? OOPS.