Give Aways ...............

As child who was quite poor growing up, I always felt sad at then end
of an author visit or appearance . There was almost never any money for me
to have my own "piece of magic" in the form of a book.
BUT at one such event the author distributed a simple black and white
bookmark copied onto card stock with a list of her works.
I became a life-long fan and have since purchased ALL of her titles.

Whenever I make appearances I do my best to provide something
for every child so that no one ever remains empty handed.

Of course- Give Aways do not need to be expensive.

Book marks

I use for my bookmarks.
(800) 352-2333

They have MANY products available, have QUICK and friendly service and you view your proof on-line.

BUT - you can print out bookmarks from your computer and copy them on cardstock.

They work JUST fine!

Computer Printers and Copiers can even make colored copies.


Temporary Tattoos

The cabbage logo you see all about my site is now a temporary tattoo. I bought the first thousand for about $80 (US). It is less expensive to buy several thousands at a time. But at first I did not know if they would be popular.

Tattoo Manufacturing, Inc.

These folks are simply awesome!

Their product is great and their prompt service is amazing. They even went out and found a cabbage to use as art for my order after my own artisitic endeavors failed miserably!

Coloring Sheets

I have a rough sketch from my illustrator to use as a coloring page.

I also have created a crossword puzzle and word search to provide "more" for readers who desire a challenge.

Crafts / Recipes

On this site I have a huge collection of recipes from folks all over cyberland. At book events I take two recipes along. They are copied onto white paper and cut in half. It provides a 'give away' for big people and often leads to some wonderful conversations with folks.

If you have any ideas for low cost "Give Aways" to share
- I would be pleased to pass them along!