Book Signings

What to expect:

Now, unless you are famous or have MANY, MANY many relatives, friends and folks who owe you favors............... please do not expect HUGE crowds at events.
Be Delighted with the folks who come!!!

Veterans of many signings and such have shared that the goal of such endeavors is to develop a relationship with your readers. And....if you sell a few books ~HEY! A Double blessing!


Practice your signature!


- decide what you are going to write. Can you draw quick little pictures? Add those too. I take along Post-It notes on which folks write down spellings of names. It is a blessing to have when you are in a rather noisy location - and - the note can cover your inscription while the ink dries.

What kind of paper?.....

Know what kind of paper on which your book will be printed - this will decide on the PEN you use for signings.

My picture book has thick and glossy
pictures so I use ultra fine line BLACK "Sharpies".