Author Visits

Promoting your service

Decide how you are going to do this
  • are you going to make brochures?
  • create a flyer?
How will these be distributed? School district rules vary - PLEASE check with the administrative office.

What do you provide?

    What is featured in a visit?

  • What do you do?
  • What does your audience do?
  • Is it a lecture, a cooking demonstration, a writing or watercolor workshop?
  • How much does the visit cost?
  • How do folks arrange one?
  • Do you teach magic tricks, make balloon animals, complete pop-up books or craft projects with students?
  • Do you provide handouts or other 'give aways'?


Why should someone
ask YOU to do a visit?

A letter of agreement
(aka the contract) and payment

It is always best to have a signed letter of agreement specifically spelling out
  • WHEN and WHERE is your visit?
  • WHO is to pay you?
  • for WHAT are they going to pay you?
  • HOW many people/groups do you expect?
  • WHEN are they to pay you?
  • HOW are they going to pay you?
    - In chocolate? chickens? check from the PTA?

The visit

Arrive a little early, ask for a reserved parking spot if that is an issue where you are visiting.

My emergency kit includes extra hose, hand lotion, duct tape (I AM an Alaskan!!) breath mints, mini sewing kit, box of tissues, scissors and a bottle of water.

Question Time

As an educator ~ I learned long ago to never, NEVER, NEVER ask an "open question"
to a group of young children.

A very famous author once asked a group of 3-4 year olds "Who likes ducks?" and that unleashed a veritable flurry of interesting stories, observations, anecdotes and rather unrelated comments.
Well about 40 minutes later she was able to settle them down again and finish her 50 minute presentation. The facilitators were NOT pleased.

A simple hint to remember is to share what you are looking for - within your question - "Raise a quiet hand if you like ducks. WOW! That's Great! Thank you - Hands down. Now....."

Pictures and Publicity

Take along a disposable camera and ask someone to snap pictures of the event • Send press releases letting the local newspaper and television stations know about your visit - they may NOT come - but at least you invited them •