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Please don't let the serious expression fool you.
Chérie is a rather silly person.

sketch by Firmin Murakami

Chérie loves Alaska, feels blessed to live and travel in the Great Land. She and best friend, husband Scott have made Fairbanks their home since 1996. They are both avid supporters of local Arts and Civic Organizations.

Mrs. Stihler is very proud to be an elementary educator. She encourages parents to be a part of their children's lives as well as to turn off the television and READ!

Prior to becoming a teacher she worked (several jobs at the same time) in commercial printing as well as for a newspaper, sold large women's clothing, managed a uniform store, took care of the terminally ill, taught adults to read, was a live-in nanny and drove a bus.

Chérie received both her BA degree and teaching credential from California State University Sacramento. She is currently working on her Master's Degree - well sometimes.

She has now attained the level of "supreme goddess of little people". Chérie is one of those rare individuals who really likes finger-paints, glitter, Play-dough and small children with musical instruments.

Mrs. Stihler is a confirmed Leo which may explain why she identifies quite strongly with Lucy van Pelt from the "Peanuts" comic strip.

She was born in the year of the dragon and her element is wood.

Mrs. Stihler's favorite color is bright yellow.

Her favorite numbers are three and the square root of negative 2 although she does like pi ....oh, yes especially with a nice cup of coffee! :)

Chérie was originally left handed.

Chérie's Birthday is August 12th!

goodness gracious, what MORE could you want to know?

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