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First please let me share that I was very, very, very, very lucky.
My manuscript was at the right place, at the right time
and my editor was just in the mood for what my story had to say.
And she was able to convince the editorial staff at Sasquatch
who then sent it to some other folks who determined that
The Giant Cabbage was indeed salable and might possibly make
a return on their investment........THEN she contacted me.
Oh, Did I mention that I was very, VERY lucky?

I am extremely grateful to the many picture book folks in cyberspace!
They took me in and shared their 'tips & secrets'. The usual suggestion
was something to the effect of "make sure you share this with other writers"

so here you are:

The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators

Children's Writer Newsletter

Sage advice from " seasoned veterans"

Write NOW.

Never - NEVER - NEVER- give up

Keep your day job!

check out the annual edition of the Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market Guide


You sold your Picture Book Manuscript - WA-HOO -- Do the HAPPY DANCE

---------------------------------------- YIPPEEE!!! - NOW WHAT?

Give aways
ideas for what you can have - always leave folks with SOMETHING.

to be or not to be - online
is it time for you to have an author site?

Book Signings
what to do, what to expect

Author Visits
Do you do them? What do you do? How much does it cost?

Now come on back down to earth
the sun WILL still rise...
Keep sending those manuscripts out!


These writer sites are TERRIFIC resources!

Verla Kay's Site for Writers

The SmartWriters WebPage

"Margot's Musings" - Margot Finke

The Purple Crayon

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About Writing and Publishing ............................

Editorial staff changes
at children's book publishers

Children's Book Council

Writer's Digest

Read, read, read - EVERYTHING!